1 thought on “Under St Vincents Bridge

  1. The colour contrast in this shot is nothing short of amazing. I admire the way that you have harnessed the subdued lighting of the bridge tunnel to act like a prism, so that the distant landscape appears as a burst of colour. There’s a wonderful ambiguity about the looming bridge and buildings, adding a dramatic element to the shot that would almost certainly be overlooked by an ordinary photographer. It’s almost as if the end of the tunnel has morphed into a giant cinema screen, initiating a journey into a watery wonderland, bursting with creative potentiality.

    Extra credit is due for the extraordinary illumination of the tunnel; such fantastic detail, from the meticulously captured brickwork to the beautifully defined pathway. It all makes for a very entertaining image.

    On a personal note, this is what I would call a ‘teaser shot’, in that whilst the compressed yet tantalising features of the outer environs compel the eye outwards, the immediate surroundings also demands attention. Such juxtaposition creates a whirlwind of imaginative surrealism that is a delight for the senses.

    I really enjoyed your last canal tunnel scene, but I think you’ve really surpassed yourself with this cracker!

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