Under St. Vincents

Under St Vincents Bridge







This image was taken from under St. Vincent bridge which takes St. Vincent Street over the Birmingham Canal Main Line in the Ladywood area of the city.

The view looks towards the new development of apartments that were constructed around the Oozells Street Loop and shows the new bridge built off the original abutments, in place since the straightening of the main line in 1827 by Thomas Telford.


2 thoughts on “Under St. Vincents

  1. This one is one of my favourites! I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it’s the fact that when you look at the reflected surface of the water you can see more of the building (in its reflected form) then when simply gazing through the aperture of the bridge. Nice touch! Frankly, I’m mystified as to why this one hasn’t attracted more praise from the fanbase.

  2. The colour contrast in this shot is nothing short of amazing. I admire the way that you have harnessed the subdued lighting of the bridge tunnel to act like a prism, so that the distant landscape appears as a burst of colour. There’s a wonderful ambiguity about the looming bridge and buildings, adding a dramatic element to the shot that would almost certainly be overlooked by an ordinary photographer. It’s almost as if the end of the tunnel has morphed into a giant cinema screen, initiating a journey into a watery wonderland, bursting with creative potentiality.

    Extra credit is due for the extraordinary illumination of the tunnel; such fantastic detail, from the meticulously captured brickwork to the beautifully defined pathway. It all makes for a very entertaining image.

    On a personal note, this is what I would call a ‘teaser shot’, in that whilst the compressed yet tantalising features of the outer environs compel the eye outwards, the immediate surroundings also demands attention. Such juxtaposition creates a whirlwind of imaginative surrealism that is a delight for the senses.

    I really enjoyed your last canal tunnel scene, but I think you’ve really surpassed yourself with this cracker!

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