1 thought on “Whitehouse Glassworks

  1. Was joking with some guys at the photography club yesterday how we should put you in one of those wheelless vehicles called a king carrier and transport you into the world renowned Magnum photography agency…your pictures are that bloomin’ good!

    I am really surprised that you’ve not been picked up by one of the big players in the photography world, and I can only imagine it’s because you’re one of those quiet types who doesn’t seek the limelight. It’s a real shame, because you really do deserve a bigger showing.

    I extend the warmest regards and a big thank you from all the guys and girls at our humble- but very enthusiastic-club. You’re a proper photography craftsman, as our oldest member, Ted, would say.

    One final word by way of a request: any chance of some more canal shots? It really does seem to be your forte and it would be great to see you add to the collection.


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