Hartshill Yard


Hartshill maintenance yard on the Coventry Canal with good examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century industrial architecture. The yard lies on the Atherstone road midway between Atherstone and Nuneaton and still operates as a maintenance yard.

The Coventry Canal was one of the first generation of canals to be constructed in the mid eighteenth century, the engineer being James Brindley.


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  1. In the past, I have been a keen photgrapher myself. Although my subject matter differed somewhat from your choice of subject I can still appreciate such shots as this. The best shots, I used to find, are those where the subject is candidly caught unawares so to speak. The great thing here is that you have achieved that with a building that is to all intents and purposes redundent (in terms of what it was designed for) and yet captures the the spirit of a working maintenance yard. I know that takes some doing. Good shoot.

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