2 thoughts on “Works-in-Birmingham

  1. This is indeed a remarkable picture and is my personal favourite (with Bridge 152 a close second). It is refreshing to see someone with a background in the building trade with an obvious affinity for this type of photography. It brings an added layer of authenticity to the photos.

    The detail in this image is incredible and the black and white format really teases out the full character of the building. I’ve viewed many types of industrial images-factories, warehouses, yards, etc., and have developed a real feeling for the more astute representations.

    In the fairly specialist field of industrial photography, I would say that this rates among the very best I have seen.


  2. May I be the first to congratulate you on this fine work.

    This is what I would describe as a masterfully engaging composition- the eye
    is drawn to so many interesting patterns and contrasts: the weathered paint; the inconsistent brickwork; the nod to modernity with a newer building reflected in
    the lower windows; the cobbled stones forming an intricate mosaic and adding additional texture to the scene; and even the shrubbery which has a delightfully weatherworn appeal-as though it is somehow in harmony with the fate of the building.

    For me the most powerful feature of this image is how you have managed to convey a state of delayed decay…as though this factory might still
    be functioning in some manner. This viewer at least is left with some curiosity about the fate of the building.

    Now that’s what a great photographer does-draws you in, but keeps you guessing!

    I would suggest that you include this picture on your site’s main portfolio. Such a small image can easily be overlooked.


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