2 thoughts on “Birmingham Canals

  1. Allow me to congratulate you for this rendition of what I would say is a near perfect lamp. The philosopher Plato spoke of the perfect form, saying that there existed in some unknown sphere of reality the perfect counterpart of every material thing. In this instance it would seem that you have captured ‘the’ perfect lamp i.e. the lamp on which all other lamps are based. According to Plato, these forms are ordinarily outside of the material plane and can only be comprehended intuitively; even then, we can only ever grasp an imperfect representation of the ideal. With this magnificent lamp, it would seem that you have confounded Plato’s expectation of what is truly possible. I really cannot see how anyone could produce a more realistic image: this work of genius really does capture the sheer ‘lampness’ of the lamp, and is a worthy universal template for all existing lamps on the earthly plane. I had heard that you were talented; I had no idea that you were this talented!

  2. The first thought I had when I saw this photograph was of a supernova. It seemed an appropriate metaphor, both in terms of a creative explosion and the sheer luminosity of the light that covers the wall.

    I stand by that first impression.

    It’s as though in the very moment you pressed the shutter, the shock waves of your talent swept away all mundanity to reveal a scene of extraordinary beauty. One only has to look at the exquisite detail of the lantern to realise that a master is at work; and this conclusion is reinforced when considering how the wall has maximised the lantern’s features by acting as a sort of white sheet background.

    As a friend pointed out, it would be easy to think that this was filmed in a studio, such is the glorious detail and ‘staged’ appearance of the layout. The open panel on the lantern is a splendid example of the understated power of small details. It adds an extra layer of interest to what is already a deliciously complex scene… and the number 4 shadow is also worthy of mention, looking as it does like a variation of Batman’s signal light. Very effective.

    You’ve produced something of a masterpiece here, and I am convinced that your capacity to produce works of this calibre will propel you to new heights of recognition. The name Grimes will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Credite posteri!

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