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  1. Can I just say that the ‘Another World’ collection really is another world of photography.

    You, Mr Grimes, are a first rate practitioner of your craft and have evidently brought considerable pleasure to your many followers. The one thing that shines through in your pictures is the passion you have for photography, and the desire to enhance the lives of others with your talent.

    I have especially enjoyed your canal pictures, although I was very pleasantly surprised with this excursion into the more exotic realm of scenery. My wife said that you have a very sensual understanding of the landscape and are able to convey the most powerful sensations. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    Please continue with these magnificent contribtions to the world of photography. You are a ray of sunshine in an increasingly dark world.

  2. Please forgive my previous comment, Mr Grimes about not accepting criticism. I thought you had decided not to upolad my previous comment on the grounds that it was critical (to begin with), but I see it was uploaded. Please ignore it. Many thanks.
    Steve Jaw

  3. My first thought was the photographer has gone mental and his mind has been blighted by insanity. How can he possibly substitute his previous works, which are in essence a compendium of photographs commemorating our exquisite industrial past, with those we see here presented. Grimes has launched himself off (courageously) at a creative right-angle and I don’t much like it. At least, not at first…

    I had to be reminded by my dear friend Father P. Sutcliffe that it was only when Van Gough broke away from his past and his accustomed manner of portraying the world that he really became the artistic luminary he is known as today. Could something similar be transpiring here? Could Grimes be setting himself off on a trajectory that will excel and supersede the achievements of the past? That is the question. It is a question that only the unstoppable passage of time will tell.

    These photos are growing on me. Little by little they are growing on me. Let us see just what this unorthodox departure from the industrial to the natural will bring. Maybe Another World will mark the beginning of yet greater things.

  4. I must say that my initial reaction upon viewing these images was one of shock. This is such a radical departure from Mr Grimes’ celebrated speciality, namely, heritage photography, that I am sure that it will have ruffled a few feathers among his followers and the heritage purists.

    Indeed, such is the likely impact of this wholly unexpected foray into exotic landscape photography, I would compare it to the ‘Dylan goes electric’ controversy. For those who aren’t aware, this was the moment when folk singer Bob Dylan ditched his trusty acoustic set-up in favour of an electric guitar. It was a real shock for the crowd, who thought it was a sell out and a move away from ‘real’ folk music.

    The dramatic and mysterious scenes in the ‘Another World’ collection bear all the hallmarks of a photography maverick and are typically impressive, but the real question is, do they represent a new era in Mr Grimes’ artistic direction? It is almost unthinkable that this giant of heritage photography would forsake his stated passion for yesterday’s industry in favour of more experimental and edgy material, but it has to be remembered that Mr Grimes embodies the avant-garde spirit better than any living photographer, and truly anything is possible.

    Referring to the inevitable shockwaves generated by the ‘Another World’ shocker, a good friend had these consoling words for the bemused Grimes followers: “It has always been the prerogative of genius to take the road less travelled; you just can’t expect such a talented individual to be defined by one genre.” Wise words indeed. I am reminded of another brilliant observation by one of the world’s greatest mentors and public speakers, Mark Sephton. Talking about risk taking and the spirit of adventure, Sephton made the brilliant point that, “The only people who don’t get flat tyres are those who don’t drive.”

    I’m sure Mr Grimes’ new material will cause some deflation among his legion of discerning fans, but I for one am staying with this experimental phase. It is a time of uncertainty, yes, but there’s also the promise of considerable excitement and delight in this breathtaking development.

    I suggest we all buckle up and get ready for what is likely to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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