Hambledon Mill on the River Thames

Hambledon Mill on the River Thames












I have spent all of my working life in the construction industry, starting as an apprentice bricklayer in the days when being trained as a craftsman meant a great deal more than perhaps it does now, for a local company in East Sussex that had been in business for over a hundred years. The work was diverse and varied and the men that were in charge of my training taught me not only the art of brickwork but a great deal about life itself.

It was during my time as an apprentice that I became interested in the history and heritage of the buildings I was working on, I was part of the bricklaying team that rebuilt seven octagonal chimneys on Hever Castle in Kent later in my career, this interest has kept me company to this day and still motivates my curiosity.      

My real interest is photographing the fast disappearing world of yesterday’s industry, be it the canal systems and all its add-on paraphernalia, warehouses, stables, pubs, basins, wharfs etc. to windmills, which were so important to a community years ago.

I am certainly not against progress, many of the buildings have outlived their usefulness and we need modernisation in certain areas so as to make a better life for  future generations.

Many industrial structures are disappearing at an alarming rate with the modernisation of industry. Whilst this is not always a bad thing, I have a grave feeling that one day we will look round and all traces our past will have gone forever.

With some of my images I have tried to give a bit of historical background to add a little interest.

Born in Lancashire I moved to East Sussex and now reside in Warwick, which is an ideal spot for reaching most parts of the country with relative ease.

I had been a snapshot photographer for some years but as I got more interested I realised I needed help with composition, lighting and all the skills needed to take better shots. I completed a four year part time photographic course at college which, through a tutor who was passionate about photography, gained a better insight to the world of image taking.

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