Braunston Turn

Braunston Turn

The construction of the two Horseley ironworks bridges at Braunston Junction came about when the Oxford Canal Company, realising that their northern section was far too circuitous to compete with other newer, more direct canal routes, straightened their line from Hawksbury to the abandoned village of Wolfhampcote near Braunston.

The new route was nearly 15 miles shorter than the old line and encompassed many changes, one being the moving of the junction between the Oxford Canal and the then named Grand Junction Canal, the original is now part of Braunston Marina some 600 yards south of the bridges.

This view is looking south from the Northern Oxford Canal with, what is now the Grand Union Canal passing under the Bridges to the right.


Into the Light.

Into the Light

Lapworth Street Bridge which takes the Old Warwick Road, B4439, over the Stratford upon Avon Canal just south of Hockley Heath. The canal terminated at Hockley Heath in May of 1796 due to lack of funds and another act of parliament was needed to raise enough to continue building, which restarted in 1799.